Here are a number of useful links to other sites. Where there is information on these other sites it has not been repeated here.
The  Ki no Kenkyukai Musubi website can be found at
The British Aikido Board is the governing body for Aikido in the UK and the website gives details of most Aikido associations together with information on insurances and child protection etc.  This can be found at:-
Other very good sites are:-
This Danish website gives up to date details of Tsuzukiwasa, Grading criteria and the like.  The page below contains explanations of various aspects of Aikido through questions and answers from Doshu
In particular the link to a series of articles written by Doshu Yoshigasaki Sensei over several years can be found at:-
Another very useful site is:-
This contains demonstrations of all the examinations together with a blog that examines a range of aspects of Aikido
Aikido in Real Life
Doshu Yoshigasaki produced a video demonstrating how Aikido can be applied in Real Life to protect yourself in a real situation.
The videos are available in several translations. Please click on the language below to jump to the video.
Please note that these are intended for Ki No Kenkyukai Musubi students only. Please ask your Sensei for the password